IMLS CollectionBuilder LIS Student Program Spring 2024 -application deadline: November 30, 2023

Library & Information Science (LIS) students at ALA-accredited programs are invited to apply for the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS)-funded CollectionBuilder Student Program. CollectionBuilder is an open-source framework for creating digital collection and exhibit websites. It is an excellent option for creating a free and long-lasting digital collection site to add to a professional portfolio. A CollectionBuilder project also may be suitable for an independent study or capstone project. To see examples of CollectionBuilder projects, please visit our CollectionBuilder Examples site.

Program details: The CollectionBuilder Student Program will take place during the Spring 2024 semester. Eight selected students will attend virtual training sessions with the CollectionBuilder team focused on gaining foundational web development skills and learning how to use CollectionBuilder. They also will work with the CollectionBuilder team and other student program participants to experiment with creative uses of the CollectionBuilder framework in a cohort environment. The student cohort will use CollectionBuilder’s robust documentation and follow tutorials to set up their sites, and then work together to implement and document customization ideas.

Application details: CollectionBuilder is designed for beginners and this program is meant to be a learning opportunity, so no technical knowledge is required to apply. Applications are due Thursday, November 30, and applicants will be notified in early December. Read more about the CollectionBuilder LIS Student Program and apply here:

In the application, students will be asked to answer some basic questions about themselves and the following short answer questions:

–  Please briefly describe why you are interested in learning how to use CollectionBuilder.

– In 1-2 paragraphs, please describe any ideas you have for CollectionBuilder projects and discuss your research and academic interests.

– What kind of skills are you most interested in learning while using CollectionBuilder and why? We suggest reading this article before writing your response to help generate ideas.

– How would this cohort experience benefit your education and future career? 

If you have any questions about CollectionBuilder and/or the application process, please email Julia Stone at [email protected]. Thank you!