Archives & Special Collections Summer Practicum 2023 -New Orleans, LA

From an email:

Good evening. My name is, Sydney Wessinger. I am the Internship Program Coordinator of the Historic New Orleans Collection.

This Summer our organization will launch its Archives & Special Collections Summer Practicum, which offers the next generation of collections professionals and archivists a unique opportunity to study, preserve, and engage with special collections that represent the creative heritage and rich cultures of Louisiana. Under the direction and tutorship of their respective project lead(s), the fellow will gain knowledge in the application of formal procedures related to the cataloging and organization of historic material housed in a special collection’s library in the setting of a four-week fellowship.

The Historic New Orleans Collection will offer to separate projects under the Archives & Special Collections Summer Practicum program on an annual basis. This Summer, two fellows will be invited to participate in the Antoine’s Restaurant Collection Project and one, in the Cane River Collections Project. Both projects operate within the Williams Research Center campus, supervised by our Archivist, Registration, and Collections Management Staff.

I hope that you will encourage students to apply for the Archives & Special Collections Summer Practicum. Please see the attached e-flyers which include links to our online application portal. You or any interested student are welcome to contact me via e-mail.

We hope to hear from you soon.