ACRL/NY Symposium on Collegiality, Morale, and Mutual Aid -submission deadline: June 26, 2021

December 2, 2021 from 10 am – 2 pm & December 3, 2021 from 10 am – 2 pm (EST)

We have revised the Call for Proposals to include Call for Posters.

We hope to be back face-to-face in 2022 for the ACRL/NY Annual Symposium. However, in 2021 we will be presenting a virtual event in December of this year on two half days, focused on collegiality, morale, and mutual aid among academic library workers. We will discuss library procedures before March of 2020 and after, and what have we learned from the pandemic. How will this change procedures going forward?

Call for Proposals and Posters

How do our relationships, partnerships, teams, and organizations function in support of colleagues, patrons, and communities? What initiatives and workflows provide structural support for accomplishing our goals? We seek proposals for presentations and panels about the ways we work together, support each other, and develop as librarians and library workers.

Potential perspectives include but are not limited to:

  • Diversity: Facilitating the participation of individuals with the widest range of backgrounds and capabilities in decision making and programming, mentoring, collegial relationships, and other supports for a thriving, diverse workforce
  • Equity: Determining how the demands of the organization during the pandemic have fallen unevenly on staff, some part-time staff, and clerical workers who have been working more and more on the front lines
  • Engagement: Enhancing people’s active investment in the collaborative and individual endeavors of their colleagues
  • Cross-pollination: Discovering and inventing new modes of collaboration across traditional boundaries; gathering colleagues with a shared vision to support the populations we serve
  • Mutual aid: Engaging in reciprocal exchange of resources and services to support collective needs and the well being of our communities.
  • Staff development: Developing various forms of professional training that can contribute to creating a more collaborative working environment that supports all library users and communities

Format: The ACRL/NY Symposium on Collegiality, Morale, and Mutual Aid will be held virtually. We are seeking proposals to fill 60-minute (50-minute presentation; 10 minutes Q&A) and 30-minute (20-minute presentation; 10 minute Q&A) slots, with 10-minute lightning round slots for posters. We are open to a mixture of presentation types and formats.

Proposals should be 250-500 words in length. Proposals must be submitted by June 26th­.

Abstracts of presentations can be submitted using this form:

Questions regarding submitting or about the Symposium in general, can be sent to [email protected]