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MS LIS Graduates, Spring 2016

The Division of Library and Information Science (DLIS) at St. John’s University prepares graduate students for careers in libraries and other information centers. Accredited by the American Library Association (ALA) since 1975, our students are united by an enthusiasm for librarianship and a desire to help others by achieving excellence in this dynamic profession.

Commitment to Service & Social Justice
Our commitment to uphold the Vincentian Mission of service is demonstrated in course work containing an academic service requirement, which combines hands on learning of concepts and techniques with service to organizations and institutions to help them preserve and document their history.

Our commitment to social justice is fulfilled by educating future professionals in the importance of freedom of information and information access equality so that all citizens have the data necessary to make knowledgeable decisions and participate in a democratic society.

Commitment to Standards
Our students graduate as competent information professionals with careful guidance from faculty with professional experience in specialized field; upholding our tradition of continuous accreditation.

Strong Support Network
Close student-faculty relationships establish a network of tight-knit operations at an educational and professional level.

Unique Internship Opportunities
Are encouraged to gain hands-on experience by working in Libraries, Museums and other Information Centers within the New York Metropolitan region, and beyond.

Technology Support
All students are provided the opportunity to enroll in the Academic Computing Initiative.

The MS LIS program is accredited by the American Library Association (ALA) Committee on Accreditation with the status of Continued Accreditation. The DLIS was awarded continuous accreditation status by the ALA in January 2019.