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Faculty Directors: Dr. Gerald Benoit and Dr. James MatarazzoDLIS Paris1

Professor Matarazzo conducts research and writes considerably on the services and development of corporate libraries.  Prof. Matarazzo is the vice president and secretary of the H. W. Wilson Foundation and professor emeritus.  In Paris he will lead students to corporate library sites: BNP Paribas (one of the largest firms in the world), Bain and Company, Deloitte, and the American Library in Paris.  His research areas are the evaluation of special libraries, excellent libraries, and library closings, and trends in Special Libraries.  This past academic year Dr Matarazzo has made presentations at Oxford University, in Mexico and in Trinidad.

Professor Benoît is fluent in French, an experienced professor in computer systems and visualizations, and a former art director in an advertising firm. Benoît led the Rome and Paris programs and can help students with everything from navigating the Parisian métro to deciphering the symbolism of the iconography of Notre Dame Cathedral.  His research areas include information visualization, social theory, and systems development. Homepage