Initial Digication Setup

Here are the instructions for initial log-in and e-Portfolio set-up: digication setup

Digication = the name of the software platform used for the creation of your e-Portfolios.

Remember, when you log on to digication for the first time you need to immediately click the link on the right hand side of your screen that says “forgot password.” If you do not do this you will be denied access into the software every time.

Also, if you already have an account and an e-Portfolio set up but you are accessing your portfolio for the first time from another computer that you have never used before (to access your account) you will get a “login failed” message. All you have to do is log in for a second time…you will then be successful in accessing your account.

Please note that you should check the DLIS Colloquia LibGuide where there are tutorials, presentations, and other useful resources involving the e-Portfolio.