Free Lecture: “Mestizo Metropoliz: The Inhabited Museum of Rome” -February 10, 2022

Please see the attached flyer regarding the February 10, 2022, 1:50 pm (EST) lecture by Rome faculty Prof. Ferruccio Trabalzi. A dynamic speaker, Prof. Trabalzi brings a unique perspective to museums’ social role in the urban context of 21st Century Rome.

Housed in a former slaughterhouse just outside of Rome, the Mestizo Museum features over 300 contemporary artists and street artists. Known as “Metropoliz,” the space also houses around 200 people, including 60 families with children, hailing from all around the world. The inhabitants, who arrived here in 2009 from places such as Peru, Romania, the Ukraine and Morocco, often refer to themselves as ‘Metropoliziani’, highlighting the sense of community afforded to them by this space.

His talk, on February 10 at 1:50 pm EST is titled:  “Mestizo Metropoliz: The Inhabited Museum of Rome.” 
The St. John’s Community can join the event with this link:

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