Unexpected Opportunities: A Conversation -March 16, 2021

Tuesday March 16, from 4:00pm-5:30pm (EST)

Come join us. Decompress. Connect with colleagues and future colleagues. 

We are: the New Librarians’ Discussion Group and the Mentoring Program of ACRL/NY. We regularly hold workshops and events for library students, job seekers, new librarians, and seasoned librarians who are looking to recharge. You don’t need to be a mentor or mentee in the program to participate. Newbies and veteran librarians alike are welcome!

ACRL/NY membership is not required for this special free event.

Register HERE! by Monday March 15th. 


We’ll have a semi-structured discussion about unexpected opportunities, work, careers, and networking.

Register HERE! by Monday March 15th. 

Questions? Contact Linda Miles (lmiles.librarian@gmail.com), Sharell Walker (sharell.walker@gmail.com), or Susanne Markgren (susanne.markgren@manhattan.edu)