Announcing A Special Student Issue for Public Library Quarterly

 Students enrolled in a Master of Library Science (MLS or MLIS) degree program are eligible to submit an article to the journal Public Library Quarterly (PLQ).  The article should present the results of a research project.  Articles should be submitted using the regular submission process using the PLQ Website.  Information for potential authors for the journal may be found at

The student submitting an article should send an email to the editor, Joe Matthews, letting him know of the submission.  Joe can be reached at Joe@JoeMatthews.Org  

The average PLQ article runs between 4,000 and 5,000 words but the article can be shorter or longer as need be.  Photos and charts are most welcome.  The article needs to include a literature review.  All articles submitted by a student will go through the regular double blind peer review process. The deadline for submission of student articles is June 30, 2021.