University of Maryland, College of Info Studies – Accepting PhD Program Applications for Fall 2021 – Priority Deadline: December 11, 2020

The University of Maryland’s College of Information Studies is happy to announce that we are accepting applications for our fully funded PhD in Information Studiesprogram for the Fall 2021 academic year. 

UMD’s iSchool prepares students to address the hardest social and technical problems of today and tomorrow. Working side-by-side with world-renowned, multi-disciplinary faculty and at internationally recognized research centers and labs, students conduct research on pressing information issues, which often entwine social and technical innovation. We draw on core values of information studies, including justice, inclusion, and access, and use these principles to facilitate the discovery of new knowledge.

We are currently recruiting in the following research areas:

Accessible Design: Design of learning environments, Web accessibility, Accessible information architecture, Universal design, Accessibility, Sign language

Human-Computer Interaction: HCI & AI, Virtual/Augmented/Mixed reality, Visualization and Visual Analytics, Human AI teams, AI and teamwork, Human-centered machine learning, 

Privacy and Cybersecurity: Usable privacy and security, Internet of Things, Privacy and trust, Social media sensing, Hacker studies, Sociotechnical approaches to cybersecurity, Cyber risk and effects

Computational Research: Computational journalism, Data mining, Critical data/algorithm studies

Applied Machine Learning: (and) Technology, Decision-making, Information Curation and Archival Science, and Ethics

Social Studies of Technology:  Sociotechnical systems, Infrastructure, Social computing, Technology ethics, values in design, Data ethics and critical data studies, Future of work, Technology, inequality, and marginalization (especially race, class, and gender), Social justice, 

Social influence and disinformation, Critical studies of the corporation, History of technology, Technology policy, Public-private partnerships

Health Informatics: Consumer health information behavior, Health-related information seeking, Health justice, Health disparities, Health literacy, Personal informatics

Collections and Memory: Archival studies, Digital archives, Computational archival science, Digital heritage, Digital/data curation, Digital humanities

Youth: Youth eXperience (YX), Youth learning and digital literacy, Learning in informal settings (i.e., libraries, home, virtual spaces, etc.), Education

For more informationregarding current research at the iSchool and our world-renowned research centers & labs please click here. Faculty information can be found here.

Admissions Process and Deadlines

Our priority deadline is December 11th, 2020, however we will consider applications until March 12th, 2021. It is recommended that serious applicants apply by the priority deadline if possible.

For application requirements and additional information, please visit our Admissions website.


For further information regarding UMD iSchool’s PhD program, please don’t hesitate to contact us at We look forward to hearing from you!