Advanced Certificate in Management for Information Professionals Graduate Profile: Shilpa Karnik

Shilpa Karnik, Fall 2019

“The CMIP program provided with a platform to cultivate and polish my skills in management and leadership. It gave me the opportunity to develop some soft skills like

  • Motivation
  • Delegation
  • Creativity
  • Communication

The coursework/project motivated me to go an extra mile and build the required self-esteem. The feedback after completion of the projects were helpful to inspire and build my confidence of applying the theoretical knowledge in the real world. Working in groups helped me develop my delegation skills. I learned to take a leadership role and assign tasks to my peers based on their skills. This experience I feel will be useful in the future projects that I undertake at my workplace. While delegating I learned to accept input from the team members, prioritize tasks, time management and trusting my team members. Thinking out of the box, conceptualizing ideas, vision, analyzing and critical thinking were some of the key creativity components that emerged while doing some of the projects. Every plan that was created for the course required some creativity. The individual projects, group projects and discussion boards offered communication avenues to express the knowledge gained from the course readings. The presentations by all the class members after every project not only helped with the skill of communicating and sharing my ideas with others but also helped develop the listening skill which is a part of communication.”