NYPD Video Production Unit Archive Internship: Summer 2019

Location: NYPD Video Production Unit, Training Communications/Video Production Unit, DCPI, 25 Elm Place, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Proposed Salary: $17/hr

Start Date: Appx. June 2019

End Date: Up to 13 weeks after start date

Background: The NYPD Video Production Unit Archive consists of over 10,000 programs on film, analog video, and as born digital files. The materials capture the evolution of NYPD tactics and training, global and international policing initiatives, and moments of historical and cultural importance to the NYPD and the larger NYC community over the past 80 years.

Responsibilities: The intern will assist in the ongoing archiving and preservation efforts of the VPU, including conducting inventories of film and video assets, digitization of the video collection, and descriptive cataloging of digitized programs. The intern will be supervised by experienced, highly trained archivists. The goal of the internship will be to provide hands on experience with the basics of moving image and digital preservation, including digitization, technical and descriptive metadata, care and handling, and file migration and monitoring.

Requirements: Those interested in applying for this position must be graduate students in Archives/Records Management/Library Science or Video Production.

To apply for this position:


Posting #SGI-1915
DC Public Information- Video Production Unit/ Training Communications
Location: 25 Elm Place, Brooklyn
Description: Intern will assist in the ongoing management and archiving of VPU video records, conducting inventories of video assets, digitalization of analog video. Intern will assist with descriptive cataloging, file management and digital preservation

Note: DLIS does not award academic credit for paid internships. Interested students are advised to view these positions as temporary jobs.