New Course Offered Summer 2019: Cultural Competence for Information Professionals

Cultural Competence for Information Professionals: LIS 271 (CRN 31220)

It should come as no surprise that the face of business has evolved significantly in recent years due to demographic changes, proliferation of information and communication channels, and advances in technology. All these changes demand that future information professionals are culturally sensitive and culturally competent to be able to work with a diverse group of people. Do you think you are prepared to take up the challenges of global workforce? Are you aware of your cultural strengths and weaknesses? Are you curious to learn about your cultural blind spots and potential pitfalls? If so, you’ll find this course useful.

To address the professional needs and demands for culturally competent workforce, we are excited to offer this new course entitled “Cultural Competence for Information Professionals.”

This course is designed to develop cultural competency in decision-making, problem solving, and creating inclusive programs and services. Through various assignments, you will have opportunity to explore your cultural strengths, blind spots and potential pitfalls. You will also understand cultural competence expectations in organizations at the management, and consumer service levels.

Be sure to consider enrolling in this unique course to set yourself apart in the job market!

Feel free to contact Rajesh Singh at if you have any questions about this course.