February 8, 2011 Faculty Meeting Minutes

Date:                February 8, 2011

Location:         Library, Room 407

Present:            Rosann Kelly, Shari Lee, Jeff Olson, Kathy Shelfer, Kevin Rioux, Kristin Szylvian, James Vorbach

Special Invite:  Debbie Martinez, Linda Russell




This meeting was separated into two parts.

  • Part I:   Standard weekly meeting
  • Part II:  Departmental administrative assistants were invited to join so that they could begin to be included in the accreditation planning process





IMLS Reports

The mid-term report is due to IMLS. After multiple e-mail and phone follow-up, 75 of 80 IMLS recipients responded.  Report is being prepared.



  1. Faculty to link ALA Competencies with each of their syllabi
    1. use Albany format (see attachment)
    2. Selenay Aytac has agreed to prepare for LIS 203 and Brian Adams for LIS 203L

DUE (Core courses only): ASAP

  1. Advisory Groups – review of Accreditation schedule with evidence to be reviewed by Advisory Groups (see revised Accreditation schedule on PBWorks)

Discussion regarding challenges of obtaining commitments from Advisory Group members due to the tight schedule. All acknowledged that this is a planning process in the making and moving forward, more realistic expectations for feedback can be scheduled.  Decision to adhere to current Accreditation schedule regardless of feedback from Advisory Group member.  Advisory Group will be requested to respond by the deadline, but encouraged to respond as their schedule allows.  Feedback received past the date in which it can be incorporated will inform future decisions.

      1. Phase I (Feb. 15 – Feb. 21, estimated time commitment of 5 hrs)
      2. Phase II (Apr. 5 – Apr. 18 including virtual meeting on Apr. 15, estimated time Summary of commitment by Advisory Group – estimated time is 15 hrs in two phases.

For further details regarding information to be sent to Advisory Group, refer to February 1st minutes.


Specialization areas (or Concentrations/Certificates)

Updated list attached.  DUE:  ASAP



Course Schedules

  • Cycles – please review in preparation for discussion at next meeting
  • Summer Schedule – Need to finalize schedule. Please review summary of summer courses (see attached) and determine courses you would like to teach. Should use the Specialization area spreadsheet to help inform your choices.



Comprehensive Exam

  • Spring 2011
    • Oakdale Comprehensive Exam session completed. STAC and Manhattan scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday of this week. Courses taken by students will be extracted to prepare a list of courses for which potential questions can be prepared. This list will be reviewed by faculty at next meeting and a final set of courses for exam will be determined.
    • February 21 – anticipated due date for exam questions which will be reviewed by faculty at February 22 meeting.
  • New exam format – Shari submitted proposal for a new exam format and grading rubric to Jeff on February 3. Will be discussed at next meeting.



  • Draft surveys for New Student, Mid-program Student, Graduating Student, Alumni (1-15yrs) and Employer were reviewed. Questions regarding Internship and Graduate Assistantship experiences need to be added. Need to finalize survey tool by next week’s meeting to allow time for constructing online.
  • Alumni – Alumni Office (Kristy Horning) informed us that they have 1,333 alumni on record. Of these, 1,212 graduated 1970 and later. From the total group, 460 have e-mails. Alumni Office will prepare the Alumni Survey for distribution online and/or paper.





As part of the accreditation process, input from all constituencies is important. The administrative assistants were asked to participate in this part of the meeting to share some of their unique perspective.

  • Experiences servicing our prospects, students, alumni, faculty, administration and working university departments.
    • What do students complain about?
      • Laptops, IT, environment (facilities)
  • Experiences in performing their daily tasks – any training or other assistance needed?
    • Advising – would like to eliminate the yellow cards. All agreed.
    • Training appears to come from IT when needed
  • Recruitment
    • Upcoming Open House – Linda shared the process which has been in place for awhile. All agreed to refine and update. Shari suggested e-vites rather than snail mail as well as posting on professional organization listservs. Kathy Shelfer volunteered to do a presentation for each session. All agreed a packet of information needs to be prepared with faculty contact and specialty area.
    • Inquiries – Linda maintains inquiries for Oakdale while Debbie maintains for Queens and Manhattan. Need to consider one repository for all inquiries and method for follow-up.




Next meeting – scheduled for Tuesday, February 15, 11am-1pm.




Attachments: Spreadsheet:  Comparison for Summer