February 1, 2011 Faculty Meeting Minutes

Date:                February 1, 2011

Location:         Library, Room 407

Present:            Rosann Kelly, Shari Lee, Jeff Olson, Kathy Shelfer, Kristin Szylvian, James Vorbach

Absent:            Kevin Rioux



IMLS Reports

The mid-term report is due to IMLS. A short survey of IMLS students (80) was distributed January 21 with a response date of January 31.  Follow up to the non-responders brought the response rate to 65 by the time of this meeting.  Further responses are expected.  Jeff presented the summary of the questions and comments which are overall positive.




  1. Faculty to link ALA Competencies with each of their syllabi
    1. use Albany format (see attachment)
    2. complete task for Core courses with plan to evaluate effectiveness for systematic planning process, refine and continue with elective courses

DUE (Core courses only): February 8, 2011

  1. Advisory Groups – review of Accreditation schedule with evidence to be reviewed by Advisory Groups (see revised Accreditation schedule)
    1. Two Phases
      1. Phase I (Feb. 15 – Feb. 21, estimated time commitment of 5 hrs)

Advisory Groups will be provided with background information consisting of:

        1. Course Objectives with Standards (Core Courses only – see Item 1 above)
        2. Specialization areas (or Concentrations/Certificates) – courses that are required, highly recommended or suggested for each area
        3. Description of each Specialization area (or Concentration/Certificate)

In addition, Advisory Groups will be given to review and comment:

  1. Surveys (Employer, Alumni, Student)
  2. Focus session and Town Hall scripts
      1. Phase II (Apr. 5 – Apr. 18 including virtual meeting on Apr. 15, estimated time commitment of 10 hrs)

Advisory Groups will be provided with the following:

        1. Results of surveys
        2. Results of focus sessions and Town Hall meetings

Advisory Group will review data and then participate in meeting to discuss results. Meeting will consist of full group followed by break-out time by concentration/certificate.

Summary of commitment by Advisory Group – estimated time is 15 hrs in two phases. The first phase will require review of material and written response.  The second phase will require review of material and attendance at a meeting.  Attendance can be physical or virtual presence.  Meeting is anticipated to be about 4 hrs – 2 hrs dedicated to collaborative discussion with entire Advisory Group and 2 hrs dedicated to discussion by concentration/certificate.


Specialization areas (or Concentrations/Certificates) – time dedicated during meeting for faculty to review courses for each of the proposed concentrations/certificates they are overseeing.  Discussion regarding the appropriate number of required courses to allow flexibility while maintaining the integrity of the concentration/certificate.  Decision – minimum of 4 courses should be required of each concentration/certificate.  (See attachment)

Updated list attached.  DUE:  ASAP


Comprehensive Exam

Shari raised presented two alternatives to the focus of the revised exam format: (1) focus on students mastering the core material or (2) focus on student as professional librarian. Consensus by group was reached on the former with the latter being assessed through the e-portfolio.



Next meeting – scheduled for Tuesday, February 8, 11am-1pm.