April 7, 2011 Faculty Meeting Minutes

Date:                April 7, 2011

Location:         Library, Room 407

Time:               11am-1pm

Present:            Rosann Kelly, Jeff Olson, Kevin Rioux, Kathy Shelfer, Kristin Szylvian, James Vorbach

Absent:                        Shari Lee

Invite Quests:   LIS 238 Student Project – Robert Drzewicki, Imtiaz Jafar, Eliza Farrell

Accreditation:  Stacy Posillico and Chris Pamboukes





Budget Discussion

Discussion regarding requests versus available funds. Decision to postpone purchase of lounge furniture until matching funds from the university are approved.  The remaining 2011 funds of approximately $4,000 will be use to purchase software and equipment for digitization lab requested by Kristin Szylvian (already ordered), TV for future lounge, i-Pad for faculty use and other requests depending on available funds.


Student Issue

Discussion regarding a student issue.





Web Re-Design Project

Robert & Imtiaz presented their project findings for redesign of DLIS website. Response regarding landing page links (limited to 5) needed to Robert & Imtiaz by Tuesday, April 12th.







Chris and Stacy reviewed the ALA accreditation presentation reports of a few Library Science programs and used these to prepare outlines for each section to assist the writers. They noted tables that were used as well as the position of these tables in the report (i.e., body of the report of Appendix)

Stacy:   Standard I (Mission), Standard III (Faculty), Standard V (Administration)

Chris:   Standard II (Curriculum), Standard IV (Students), Standard VI (Facilities)

Stacy and Chris made some recommendations:

  • Use of headings to clearly identify the evidence being discussed
  • Use of tables to present data and/or evidence can sometimes present information better than a narrative




Next meeting – scheduled for Tuesday, April 12th, 11am-1pm.