Public Data and 311 Management Internship- Spring 2018 immediate placement

Public Data and 311 Management Job Description


Students selected for an internship with the  Public Data and 311 Management unit will be responsible for analyzing agency public-facing content available in the City’s Customer Service Management (311) channels: 311 Call Center, 311 Online and 311 Mobile App, and determine its usefulness by analyzing the Service Request (SR) data submitted through these channels.  You will be expected to assist with updates to the agency’s existing 311 content based on this analysis, by using the City’s plain language format, and guided by the business requirements defined by the DOT business unit.

You will also  work with the business unit to define the work flow from inception to resolution; assist with the content development process to add new and identify missing service topics and designs to implement with workflow; take part in analyzing the current 311 Online & App user experience, including the integration with the DOT Website; identify inconsistent or missing information and ways to improve the public user experience across all public channels;  and document business requirements for Phase 2 of the Citywide 311 Replacement Project and the DOT Website Redesign Project.

You will also support internal clients by: assisting with the maintenance of the agency’s Open Data inventory;  identifying datasets meeting the criteria for release under the Open Data law; work with GIS, database, and other teams to set up data transfer and update process;  editing data dictionaries and metadata; confirming adherence to all requirements detailed in the Open Data and subsequent laws.  You will also be responsible for assisting with responses to external customer (general public) data set requests, coordinating with Legal Team handling FOIL requests and implementing the agency’s Open Data public forums and workshops.


This is a paid internship that offers $17.97 for undergraduate students and $19.90 for graduate students.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 212.839.8164.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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