August 23, 2011 Faculty Agenda

Topics for Tuesday, August 23




Fall 2011 Enrollment Update


New Students – Update


Accreditation Update


Comprehensive Exam

Orientation Dates:

Manhattan:  Wednesday, September 7, 6-7pm

Oakdale:  Tuesday, September 13, 5:30-6:30pm


Issue:   Students need to take the comprehensive exam and the faculty members who taught their courses are no longer actively involved or were not the primary faculty member teaching the course.  Can we create a way for these students to access key materials (PowerPoint presentations, syllabi, etc.)?


Administrative Calendar

  • Review Calendar
  • Schedule events not on calendar
  • Kevin proposes that we adopt a cross-platform electronic calendar that we can all subscribe to. Google Calendar is a great solution that can support an administrative calendar as well as an academic calendar.