October 2, 2012 Faculty Meeting Agenda

Topics for Tuesday, October 2nd

(11:00am – 1:00pm)




  • Fall 2012 Comprehensive Exam


  • Revised Comp/e-Portfolio


  • Status of Recruitment


  • Status of Joint Degree Proposals


  • EU Student – sponsor (see Selenay’s e-mail)
    • One of my students from Valencia applying for a EU grant to visit US for 13 weeks in this Spring. Would you be interested in hosting him for 13 weeks at St. Johns? What we need is support from the library to let him observe the daily operation for a few days in a week and a room to stay on campus. I can arrange local library visits for him and assist to prepare his schedule for 13 weeks. This is important for our students to interact with an international student and build future international relationships. UPV has a support for International Exchange programs form the EU where I was invited to teach summer courses as an exchange professor. Please let me know what you think and I can let the student know asap.The related documentations attached.Thank you very much.
  • Proquest – visit on Oct. 2 at 2pm to speak about ProQuest Graduation Education program