May 17, 2013 Faculty Meeting Agenda

Topics for Friday, May 17th

(9am – 3:00pm)




  • Review of concentrations/certificates
    • In depth review of current concentrations (Refer to Course Cycle and Concentration Matrix – first 2 tabs)
      • Reduce? Consolidate?
    • Update on New certificates in development (Refer to proposals for each of the following)
      • Graduate Certificate in Archives & Records Management
      • Dual Degree M.A. in Public History and M.S. in Library and Information Science
    • E-portfolios
      • Discussion of Spring 2013 implementation of e-portfolio & grading (Refer to Rubric for Grading)
      • FUTURE: Defense of e-portfolio (implementation for DL students)


  • Dean’s Report for 2012-13


  • Symposiums/LILRC
    • Changes, plan for growth, etc.
    • LILRC
      • Conversation with Min Liu who is responsible for LILRC event programming
    • Oakdale event
      • If event is held, will it replace the Spring Symposium?


  • Comprehensive Exam
    • Results (Summer 2012, Fall 2012, Spring 2013)
    • Summer 2013 – Need reviewers, reminder of date questions due (June 3)


  • Curriculum
    • Revision of CORE
      • LIS 204 and LIS 205
        • course topics
      • Topic LIS 211 Course
        • content development project (Kathy)
      • LIS 240 and other management courses


Table II.5 2009-2011 Curriculum Changes Description Reason / Outcome
LIS 240 added to core; replaces management elective Strengthen management component of core; course project enables students to focus on a specific management area


  • Review courses
    • Identify courses to eliminate (Refer to Course Cycle and Concentration Matrix – last tab – unselected courses)
    • Identify courses to cross list in EDU and other departments
    • Review pre/co-reqs (Refer to e-mail from Jeff 5/1/13 and Catalog Prereqs and Coreqs pdf)


  • Program Development
    • New Joint Degree status (Kevin)
    • International programs


  • Beta Phi Mu (Kevin)


  • Recruitment
    • Should gather and work together on recruitment–getting out some letters, emails or handouts–creating new course proposals (IE exploring NYC Archives and Exploring NYC Museums) or writing grants to cover stipends so DLIS does not go out of business. Jeff could make some assignments and for two hours we work on them together….. ??? Kristin


  • Discussion of Student Survey responses (Refer to Sp 2013 Student Survey Summary)
Table II.6 Planned Initiatives Description Reason / Outcome Year
Redesign comprehensive exam Develop an exam where questions integrate material across course boundaries, reflecting the knowledge connections in the field Effective for class entering Fall 2012
Review of program concentrations Develop assessment plan for program concentrations 2012-2013
Student, Alumni, Employer surveys Inform DLIS from respective constituencies Spring 2014



  • Staffing
    • Coordinator: School Library Media
    • Supervisor: Internships (Special, Academic)
    • Responsibilities/Expectations of Administrative Assistants
      • for Enrollment (Debbie)
      • for Oakdale (Linda)
    • Anniversary Event Update


  • Review of 2013-14 Administrative Calendar (Refer to Administrative Calendar 2013-14)