Sachem Public Library Internships (4)- Holbrook, NY

As part of a new 3 year plan for our library we are looking towards helping to train the next generation of library professionals. One way in which we are looking to achieve that is to develop an unpaid internship program for students whose focus is on working in a public library. In essence we would be opening up 4 possible positions. Two in our Adult department/Studio (Maker space), one in our Teen Department, and one in our Children’s Department.

As a brief example an intern in our Children’s Department would spend time (under the supervision of a library professional):

  • Observing various children’s classes and workshops
  • Developing and implementing classes and workshops for children and their families
  • Participate in outreach visits to local schools and community gatherings
  • Spend time on a children’s reference desk
  • Work on special projects such as our children’s maker space, bibliographies, resource guides, etc.

All the Best,


Anthony Bliss

Childrens Librarian


Sachem Public Library

150 Holbrook Road

Holbrook, NY 11741

(631)588-5024 ext. 266