New Librarians Webinar: February 28, 2018

NASIG/NC Serials Free Webinar – Joining the Library Profession: Getting Hired, Attending Regional Conferences, and Finding a Mentor


Date/Time: Wednesday, February 28, 2018 2:00 pm

Eastern Standard Time (New York, GMT-05:00)


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Webinar information:

Are you graduating from a library school and getting ready to start your career in the library world? Are you in the early stages of your library profession and trying to look for ways to further your professional development? Come and join us for this free webinar. Three well-qualified speakers will share with you on the value of regional conferences, networking and mentoring opportunities, and insights on what hiring managers are looking for with new hires.


Christine Fischer is Head of Technical Services for the University Libraries of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro where she has worked for twelve years. She has experience in acquisitions, serials, and reference in public and private academic libraries, as well as hospital and government libraries. She is a co-Chair of the North Carolina Serials Conference planning committee.

Kimberly Lawler is the E-Resources and Serials Acquisitions Specialist at the University of Colorado Boulder. Kimberly received her bachelors in History and Foreign Language –German from the University of Northern Colorado and her masters in Library and Information Science from the University of Denver. Currently, Kimberly is an active member of NASIG, serving as the chair of the Student Outreach Committee and as an ambassador to four different library science graduate programs. Kimberly has presented at both the Colorado Alliance Library Assessments Workshop in 2015 and the ALCTS Exchange in May 2017. She also won a NASIG First Timer Award for the annual conference in 2017. Kimberly is interested in the areas of information resource management, serials, acquisitions, licensing, e-resources, and the access and discovery of e-resources.

Maria Collins is the Head of Acquisitions & Discovery at North Carolina State University Libraries and has served in various capacities at NCSU for twelve years. Prior to her work at NCSU, she worked as Serials Librarian and Serials Coordinator at Mississippi State University Libraries. In both these roles, she was involved in hiring and onboarding numerous library-related positions, both paraprofessional and professional, and has over 17 years of management experience. She is the current editor-in-chief for Serials Review and has published in the areas of electronic resource management, open access, and workflows.

Session details:

What kinds of professional development opportunities are available in librarianship? We attend webinars and workshops and training sessions at our libraries and schools, but it can be rewarding to travel a bit to attend a library conference. In this session, Fischer will consider the benefit of participating in a regional library conference using the North Carolina Serials Conference as an example of such an opportunity. Library and information school students, as well as practitioners, can find value in meeting with and learning from their colleagues.

NASIG supports student career success through the different committees and programs it offers. Work from the Student Outreach Committee and the many ambassadors that liaise with different library school programs help with this student career success. Some of the things Lawler will talk about briefly are the student mentoring program, Student Spotlight Sessions at the Annual Conference, and possible opportunities that arise by volunteering for a NASIG committee.

Based on her years of management experience in serials and technical services, Collins will discuss what she looks for when hiring new librarians. Topics covered in the session will include cultural fit, desirable attributes for a successful candidate, and tips for the interview.


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