Volunteer and Internship Opportunities -Yonkers, NY


The Yonkers Public Library has a number of volunteer/internship opportunities for the Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 Semesters. Students are invited to apply as interns or to offer time to get real experience in archives and public library management. 


All inquiries can be sent to 

Christian Zabriskie, Branch Administrator, Will Library




Local History Incubator Technology Associate – Will assist and advise with technology, network, and metadata on local history archives and website.

Local History Incubator – Archivist Police Museum Archives – Will be responsible for scanning and markup on materials (photos, records, memorabilia) from the Yonkers Police Museum. Will also act as point of contact for the project for the duration of the internship.

Local History Incubator – Archivist WWII Oral History Collection – Will be responsible for digital transfer and tagging of large donated audiotape collection of oral history spanning more than a decade of folk historian work. Will liaise with oral historian throughout duration of internship.

Local History Incubator – Archivist Crestwood Community– Will gather, assess, organize, and curate local history collection for Crestwood Community, a small neighborhood in Yonkers which has unique local heritage that is both connected to the larger Yonkers community and completely separate from it. Crestwood is conveniently located right on MetroNorth and this would be unique archival work in an area of historical study that has been barely touched in decades.

Grinton I Will  – Architectural Archivist – Responsible for the organization, curation, and preservation of a large cache of recently discovered documents, diagrams, and blueprints pertaining to the historic Grinton I Will Branch of the Yonkers Public Library. This will include working with original drawings and correspondence with Eli Rabineau a leading figure in Mid-Century Modernism in New York City.

Crestwood Library – Technology Liaison/Instructor – Will help a largely elderly population in discovering and utilizing technology and media. This will include assisting the community in using online library resources for research, education, and entertainment. While this is largely focused on working with Senior populations there will be opportunities to work with and educate patrons of all ages.

Crestwood Library  – Children’s Services Consultant – Assists Branch Administrator in evaluating the collection, creating bibliographies, collection development, weeding, program development and more. Full service opportunity will give intern a full suite of Youth Service experience.

Crestwood & Grinton I Will Libraries – Collection Consultant – Will work with Branch Administrators at both branches to implement large collection reassessment. Will get experience in CollectionHQ as well as deep analysis of collection health. This internship will entail large amounts of time directly interacting with the collection and ILS system.