Information Literacy Fellowship -Kansas City, MO

From an email:

Hello there!


We are hiring two new Information Literacy Fellows at the University of Missouri—Kansas City. The Fellowships are open to any currently enrolled Library and Information Science students, and the appointment may extend up to one year past their graduation date.

We would be appreciative if you could forward this opportunity to any students in your online program, particularly those looking for teaching and instructional design experience!


Many thanks,


Jess Williams and Dani Wellemeyer

122G Miller Nichols Library | University of Missouri—Kansas City

(816) 235-1530 |We do things the Roughly Right Way.

The Learning & Research Support team at Miller Nichols Library is delighted to offer Fellowships to a second cohort of library science graduate students or recent graduates. We seek a creative, curious, motivated individual who is new to librarianship and looks forward to developing a leading-edge skill set in academic public services, teaching, and e-learning. The Fellowships are situated in the main library at a mid-sized university in the heart of Kansas City’s vibrant, socially-conscious, entrepreneurial community and are a perfect place to accrue an impressive breadth and depth of experience for your resume. Fellows will receive training for all job duties including teaching at the college level, instructional pedagogy, e-learning technologies, instructional design, research service, and more. Fellows will develop or be assigned to projects tailored to their individual goals within the Libraries’ innovative, university-wide information literacy program and in keeping with the overall strategic plan. Our focus is on turning good Fellows into excellent librarians.

For more information and application instructions, please visit UMKC University Libraries Job Openings.