Guerilla Digitization

The DLIS Professional Development Series presents

Guerilla Digitization: How to Digitize Your Collection With a Low Budget and Not Go Off the Deep End

Fall 2016 – St. John’s University Oakdale Campus

Are you working for a small library or archive? Were you asked to start a digitization program? This workshop will provide a hands-on experience for you by giving step by step tips for equipment, software, best practices and standards you should know before beginning. If you have a small budget for digitization this workshop will fit your needs!

Topics Covered:

  • Best Practices and Standards
  • Software necessary for basic digitization project with alternatives
  • Equipment and tools necessary to begin.
  • Storage of your digitized file

Presenters: Michelle Levy (MS LIS ’14) & Christina Orozco (MS LIS ’15), Digital Archivists – Paulist Fathers

Date: TBD

Registration: TBA