Marantz Picturebook Research Symposium: July 24-26, 2016

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Registration includes access to all keynotes, breakout sessions, exhibits, receptions and conference meals (6 meals over 3 days: Sunday dinner; Monday breakfast, lunch and dinner; Tuesday breakfast and lunch).


The Kent State University School of Library and Information Science is pleased to host the inaugural Marantz Picturebook Research Symposium on July 24 to 26, 2016, at Kent State.

“The Picturebook as an Art Object: Honoring the Life and Work of Dr. Kenneth A. and Sylvia Marantz” is the theme of this inaugural event, which will feature keynote addresses from renowned children’s authors and scholars, including Will Hillenbrand; Janet Evans, Ph.D.; Philip Nel, Ph.D.; Carol Wolfenbarger, Ph.D.; and Julie Cummins.

According to Ken Marantz, professor of art education at the Ohio State University from 1971 to 1991, picturebooks (which he spelled as one word) are “such rich repositories of visual art, so readily available compared with the resources housed in galleries and museums, that I believe we must take the fullest advantage of them.”

For many young children, picturebooks represent their first exposure to culture — to art, and to literature — in one perfect package. For older children, picturebooks are a useful tool for addressing controversial or difficult subject matter. For all, the aesthetic relationship with picturebooks can create life-long connections.

Ken and Sylvia Marantz graciously funded a biannual scholarly picturebook research symposium to be organized and hosted by the Kent State University’s School of Library and Information Science. This inaugural Marantz Picturebook Research Symposium honors the couple’s lifelong dedication to the art of the picturebook.

Presentations will include original, interdisciplinary research in areas related to picturebooks, especially centered on the Marantzes’ concept of the picturebook as an art object.

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