LOC Internship/Temps -Washington, DC

From an email:

Library Services has an opportunity to fill a non-competitive temp position at the GS-5 or 6 level ($27,982.00 – 40,552.00, based on experience).


The position would be through the end of the fiscal year, with a possible extension depending on FY17 funding.  This would be to do metadata work related to our online digital collections. Do you have any students or recent graduates who might be interested?  This is an excellent  opportunity for someone to get their foot into the door of the Library of Congress and build on their professional portfolio.


Below is a brief description:


  • The work will include collecting and entering information related to the Library’s portfolio of digitization projects and presentations on the web.
  • The work may involve designing and/or applying automated techniques to generating or assessing metadata for digital content.
  • The work may involve analysis of cultural heritage (history, literature, arts) material and related data sources for the purpose of identifying, summarizing  and organizing information about the material.
  • The work may involve analysis of and use of databases.


For more extensive overview of potential opportunities – see attached.



Please let me know if you have any students (preferably at the graduate level) that is interested in discussing this opportunity.






George Coulbourne

Chief of Internships and Fellowships

National and International Outreach

Library of Congress

101 Independence Avenue

Washington, DC 20540-3000

(o) 202-707-7856 (iP) 202-258-2969

gcou@loc.gov| www.loc.gov


PROJECT S1: Presidential Papers text cleanup

Detailed instructions: X:\DataGroup\2011_interns\MTJ-Text\TJTextCleanupInstructions.docx (from Thomas Jefferson Papers)

Goal: Associate keyed text from published transcriptions with corresponding images of handwritten manuscripts

George Washington papers:

  1. Review xml files generated for published transcriptions
    1. Split each volume of text into individual xml files according to input from spreadsheets to correspond with specific items in the online collection
    2. Compare digital images of handwritten page to corresponding transcription and insert page break data

Project may be expanded to include Andrew Jackson papers, or possibly Abraham Lincoln papers.


PROJECT S2: AFC Field Project Data Preparation

Goal: Generate spreadsheets of object-level metadata from hard copy image and audio logs for field projects being digitized.

  1. Metadata has been created for Chicago Ethnic Arts images and audio, and Montana Folklife Survey images. Work is underway for Montana audio and Lowell images. Working with staff from the American Folklife Center, complete data entry for additional collections selected for digitization.
  2. Once data entry is completed (for rolls of film or slide trays), review the physical collection to generate item-level list of images to be delivered to contractor to scanning, making note of missing items.


PROJECT S3: Compile data for “Scan on Demand” catalog record remediation

Goal: Compile data to be added to MARC 856$d and $f fields for “Scan on Demand” (“SCD”) catalog record remediation.

  1. Using supplied spreadsheet, follow links to SCD pageturners
  2. Note the path to content files
  3. Using a guide to SCD filenaming instructions, parse the file path to document the aggregate (usually an upper-level directory representing the year in which the object was scanned) and the item-level directory for that particular book. Add these to the spreadsheet.


PROJECT S4: Webpage metatag improvement

Detailed instructions: X:\DataGroup\2011_interns\Spring 2012\SetsFramework\metatags-ppoc-instructions.docx

Goal: Create and/or revise html metatags for web pages.

Pages: Project One Set Framework (Laura Keen), miscellaneous pages as identified by the Search team (Mary Donovan)

  1. Tech team provides guidelines and database for data entry
  2. Intern works with mentor designated for the material in question
  3. For each page, enter proposed updates to the dc.subject, contributor, date, and geographic coverage tags in the database (X:\DataGroup\2011_interns\Spring 2012\SetsFramework\databaseReDo\SetsFramework2014.accdb) in accordance with the WGB metatag guidelines document (http://www.loc.gov/staff/webproduction/docs/Metatags.pdf ).



PROJECT S5: Evaluate records for Global Gateway collections

Goal: Review format of existing record sets for Global Gateway collections (starting with International collections listed at: http://international.loc.gov/intldl/find/digital_collections.html).

As needed, reformat data (split columns into separate fields, change field order and column headings) to conform to input requirements for loading records into the Data Management Tool.