Social Justice for Library Workers: May 9, 2016

Social Justice for Library Workers
Monday, May 9



57 E. 11th St, 4th Fl

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Libraries can be places that foster social justice, but what about the workers ourselves?


We are pleased to have Robert Farrell (Chair, PSC CUNY Library Faculty Committee) and John Hyslop (President, DC 37, Local 1321 Queens Library Guild) join us at the Social Justice SIG’s spring 2016 meeting as we discuss topics related to our jobs and our workplaces, including:

  • The state of labor organizing in libraries (for example, CUNY’s Professional Staff Congress and DC 37 in the public libraries)
  • The fight for state and city funding and how it affects public and academic libraries
  • Worker cooperatives – a possible model for librarians’ workplaces that aren’t unionized?
  • What justice-minded management in libraries looks like
  • Racial justice in librarianship to maintain safe and fair working conditions for all


Bring your ideas and visions of social justice at work!


Also, check out our new site, which includes resources from our events on mass incarceration in the fall.

Melissa Morrone | Supervising Librarian, Information Commons
Brooklyn Public Library


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