AMPS Internship Opportunities

Architecture, Media, Politics, Society:


AMPS is a nonprofit research organization. It operates in partnerships with universities and professional bodies internationally. Its peer-reviewed, open access journal Architecture_MPS (ISSN 2050-9006) is published with UCL Press. It is run by a unique collaboration between academics librarians/information professionals.


AMPS Academic-Librarian initiatives include:


  1. A training scheme for early careers librarians.To date this has helped over 40 students/ recent graduatesdevelop work experience in the changing workplace of contemporary librarians.


  1. A resource repository.This librarian-run academic resource functions through non-traditional formats: Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook.


  1. Research support.AMPS celebrates the ability of librarians to aid in research and publication by engaging them in all aspects of the scholarly communication process, aligning them closely with academics.


Articles about AMPS:


Isaac-Menard, Rachel (2015). Transferable skills and the non-traditional workplace: A case study of an art librarian internship with Architecture_MPS. Art Documentation. 34(2): 339-348.


Isaac-Menard, Rachel and Graham Cairns (2014). Embedding Librarianship in the Scholarly Communications Process and the Modern Workplace. Feliciter 60(4).


Intern Training Program