An Afternoon with the Smithsonian -November 11, 2015

Below are the Smithsonian Divisions that are hiring interns along with some specific opportunities that you can share with your students. The Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC is the world’s largest research and museum complex with opportunities across all majors!!! Students will hear about internship o

pportunities and fellowships as well as the best approach to apply for the positions.

Afternoon with the Smithsonian (2) (2)

An Afternoon with the Smithsonian

Program: Information Session

Date: Wednesday, November 11th

Venue: DAC 416 A

Time: 2:30pm-4pm

All Majors and Grade Levels Welcome!

RSVP: CareerLink/Workshops/Events


Internship Opportu

nities Available in the Following Divisions :


  • Archival Science
  • Curatorial Projects
  • Exhibition Design and Graphic Production
  • Museum Management
  • Music Projects
  • Public Programs
  • Education
  • New Media and Digital Outreach

Specific Opportunities Available:

  • American Food History Internship
  • Blogging Editorial Assistant
  • Curatorial Medicine and Science
  • Curatorial – Numismatics (Currency) Collection
  • Historic Theater Intern
  • Technology Services
  • Web Design Assistant
  • Curatorial – Culture and the Arts
  • Curatorial – Armed Forces History
  • Program in African American Culture
  • Program in Latino History and Culture
  • Public Affairs
  • Paid internships and Fellowships are also available
  • Housing Information is available
  • AND MORE!!!!


Please share with your students! Business Casual Attire Required.