ACRL/NY 2015 Symposium: December 4, 2015

Register now for the ACRL / NY Symposium, “Social Responsibility, Democracy,Education, and Professionalism: Supporting Core Values in Academic and Research Librarianship,” taking place on Friday, December 4, 2015


This symposium will use four of ALA’s Core Values of Librarianship as a framework from which to pose questions. What does “social responsibility” mean for academic librarians? How diverse are our libraries and archives, and how democratic do we want them to be? How does supporting lifelong learning and information literacy differ for academic libraries of differing sizes, populations, and missions? How can we make time to grow professionally, given our multiple roles and budget challenges? These and other questions will be explored by noted speakers and panelists. Poster sessions will be drawn from these themes and the remaining core values (access, confidentiality and privacy, diversity, intellectual freedom, preservation, the public good, and service).

Come join the conversation! Space is limited so register now!

Registration Closes Monday, November 23.

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