DLIS Student wins NYLA Dewey Scholarship

Congratulations to DLIS student Lindsay Willert

The NYLA-Dewey Scholarship is sponsored by the Lake Placid Education Foundation and the New York Library Association

The NYLA-Dewey Scholarship provides financial assistance to enable an interested and deserving student to pursue a Masters Degree in Library Science at an ALA-accredited library school in New York State.

The recipient of this award will receive approximately $1000.00 to cover tuition costs and related expenses. In addition, the winner will receive free attendance at the first NYLA Annual Conference to be held after the awarding of the scholarship (this includes ticket to the awards banquet).

Applicants must meet the following requirements:

1. Be a full- or part-time student, or been accepted into an ALA-accredited library school or school of information science located in New York State. The winner must be matriculated in a library school by the time they receive award.
2. Students must have maintained at least a B average during the semester preceding the award and transcripts must be provided to receive payment.
3. The successful candidates are expected to work in a library or library system in New York State for at least two years upon graduation.
4. To be eligible to apply for the scholarship, both the student and the library school must be members of the New York Library Association.

2014 NYLA Dewey Scholarship Award Recipients

Name of Recipient

Institution Attending

Sarah Akers

University at Buffalo

Elliot Andreopoulos

Queens College

Carmen DiBartolomeo

Long Island University

Maura Nichols

University at Albany

Samantha M. Raddatz

Pratt Institute

Kathleen Swingly

Syracuse University

Lindsay Willert

St.John’s University

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